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Start generating some income

For something completely different look at the Work it out website that talks about 'workpieces' as separate projects that can generate income, many of them using free web resources. There are some truly inspirational case studies there about people who have realised that they do have the skills to create an income. You could combine part-time employment with freelancing and you might even generate enough work and ideas to eventually start your own business.  You don't have to have a website to start doing business - find out how to start selling online. For advice on starting a new business go to Enterprise Opportunities.

Network network network!

Lots of companies do small runs of business cards cheaply, so consider promoting yourself and your skills this way ( currently offer a free sample pack of 10). Lots of jobs are discovered and secured via people you meet formally and informally, so get out there, create a good impression and build up your contacts. Make a list of ALL your contacts - friends, acquaintances, previous employers - and make the effort to email them, phone them or turn up to informal and formal events where you might see them. Engage them in conversation, make it clear that you're looking for employment and give them your contact details and your business card. It may seem daunting but it does work.

Social networking and LinkedIn

As long as you have an email address you can set up a LinkedIn profile. So, get you and your skills out there by making the most of this free resource and making sure that you find out how to build the perfect profile.

A word of caution - don't link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to LinkedIn unless you are going to use them prodominantly for work. If you use them for keeping in touch with friends and social activities, remember that potential employers won't want to know about your social life! 


  • Go to the National Careers Service for job profiles, qualifications required and an idea of potential earnings. 
  • The Money Advice Service provides unbiased financial advice
  • Learn my way - get up to speed with online basics including setting up an email account and using online public services

Try a career taster in West Sussex

If you live in West Sussex, apply for a career taster so that you can learn new skills, practice your existing skills and meet people who can help you progress towards a job.  You'll also end up with some skills and experience to put on your CV as well as a referee.

Look out for free training sessions in your local area

Training courses are often free to people claiming unemployment benefits or with few qualifications.  See what's on offer at your local college and look out for other programmes.   




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