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Foundation degrees

About Foundation degrees, HNCs and HNDs

These are work related qualifications in a wide range of subjects.  They're designed and delivered in partnership with employers to equip people with the relevant knowledge and skills for work and business.  if you're already in work, a Foundation degree could give you the skills you need to progress and develop your career. If you're moving on from full-time education, it could be the perfect kick start to your career. If you study full-time you can complete in 2 years but most are also offered part-time. 

Go to UCAS to find details of all Foundation degrees.  You can search by region as well as subject. UCAS also includes details of Foundation degrees delivered by The Open University.

Working and earning 

The split between time spent in the workplace and time spent at college or university varies from subject to subject so do contact the institution offering the course to find our more about the time commitment. You might be able to fit full-time study around a job so that you are working and earning. If not, ask about part-time study.

You don't have to have A levels to do a Foundation degree - there are a number of pathways. Check the individual course descriptions for entry requirements, to find out the exact cost and to see what financial help is available. Please be aware that for study that starts in September 2012 fees will be increasing but student loans are available.

Topping up your Foundation degree with the Open University

Regardless of where you study, a successfully completed Foundation degree will give you credit towards many Open University qualifications, including the University's Open Degree. This means you can complete an honours degree part-time and

  • either choose subjects linked to your Foundation degree
  • or simply add courses that are of interest or would help you in your career (for example, business, management or IT studies).

You can do this at any time after the completion of your initial award.




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