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Fitting study around friends, family and work

Whatever your age, studying successfully means doing some careful planning and being realistic about what you can fit into your life.  

  • If you're working, talk to your employer - you might get help with time off for course work or an exam
  • If you have family commitments, make sure you're clear about how studying will affect your contribution to household chores and leisure activities.  Family support is important to success. How long does the course last? How many hours a week will you need to work on it? It may seem obvious, but working out a weekly timetable to see how you will fit everything in is crucial.
  • Make sure you understand what exams or coursework you will have to do so you can timetable some preparation in.
  • Estimating, prioritising and managing your time is a life skill.
  • Planning to complete tasks ahead of the deadline will ensure you have time for socialising.
  • Use the ideas on our PDF better time management information sheet.



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