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Special progression agreements have been negotiated to help people living, working or studying in Sussex get started on certain vocational higher education courses at Sussex Universities and Colleges. This doesn't of course mean that students can't apply for any course at any institution and still have a chance of gaining a place. It simply means that some organisations will guarantee an interview or place.

If you're a lecturer you'll probably know about these and be able to advise your students about tried and tested pathways into higher education. If you're an adviser, you might not be familiar with them. There are two ways for you to access this information.

Progression tool

Firstly, you can directly students to the interactive Sussex Routes [snippet:excel] progression tool which enables them to enter either their current qualifications, or the qualification they are aspiring to achieve, and see whether there is a progression agreement. These are local agreements that apply to a range of vocational qualifications as well as advanced apprenticeships.

Note: If the site isn't working properly in your current browser, please check that it is up to date or download Firefox which is free from Mozilla.

Secondly, you can see all the progression agreements, all at the same time, by looking at the Sussex Routes spreadsheet Excel Document that can be searched by course or institution. This is a simpler approach for practitioners who are familiar with progression and want to see all possible options at once.


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