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Free teaching and learning resources


If you're a lecturer or trainer, look at The Open University's OpenLearn for free resources that you can take and tweak for your own teaching. Alternatively, they're a good resource to recommend to anyone who wants to do some informal learning at home in their own time.


Direct clients/students interested in online learning to FutureLearn which is run by The Open University in partnership with 20 UK and international universities. You can access courses on a computer, tablet or mobile phone and signing up is simple and free.

If you're a teacher preparing students for university, look at FutureLearn's Preparing for Uni. It's designed to be delivered in schools to help students with their decisions and prepare them for university.

Free University Brighton - run for the community and by the community

Look at the Free University Brighton for opportunities for you to share your skills with others by offering to teach a single session or series of sessions. Or make use of it yourself to develop new skills and interests. 

BBC courses

If you haven't looked at the BBC's online learning and advice for adult learners  you might be surprised by how much is there - languages, gardening, history, sport, singing and much more in addition to more traditional subjects like business, maths and English.

The BBC's Webwise covers all the basics - email, seaching, using the mouse and keyboard, social media and so on. It's an ideal way for individuals to do hands on learning at their own speed and in their own time. They just need access to a computer and the internet.


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