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This website is useful for anyone who is advising and supporting adults and young people with their employment, self-employment, education and enterprise decisions in Sussex. See also:

Quick overview of what's on Learning Opportunities

You can direct your customer/clients, young people and parents directly to the sections that are divided into learning opportunities, working opportunities, apprenticeships, enterprise opportunities and career planning.

Here's a brief overview of some of what's here in terms of the situations of different users:

Ask a question

Most web pages include the facility to type in a free text question. This is supported by a large database in order to deal with straightforward queries. Questions and answers are included in the Personal Planning Pack facility which is described below.

Making decisions at 16

Direct clients to choices at 16 for an overview of opportunities that include apprenticeships, training, full-time learning, A levels and university. Whilst many young people aspire to getting a range of good GCSEs there are alternative qualifications for those who find these too challenging or those who are trying to get back on track.

The apprenticeships section provides information about levels as well as linking to the highly regarded Apprenticeships in Sussex website that is kept up to date by the Sussex Council for Training Providers and provides an easy to search resource for ALL Sussex Apprenticeships with details about how to apply. There are also links to Sussex case studies across all levels. 

In addition to our resources, these are the council resources for young people:

  • if you work in East Sussex you can direct young people to connexions 360  
  • if you work in West Sussex you can direct young people to yourspace
  • if you work in Brighton & Hove you can direct young people to the Council's pier to peer resources

Confused about levels and qualifications

Direct people to the sections on level 2 and 3 qualifications and routes to higher education for diagrams about how progression from level 1 up to postgraduate study can work.

Going back to education or training after a break

Returning to learning covers opportunities to gain more qualifications at a range of levels. It's also got some information sheets for people who want to brush up their skills in English, maths and IT and want some time management advice for fitting study around work, friends and family.

Searching and applying for jobs

Working Opportunities includes links to the National Careers Service and a wide range of other services. There are also some CV and covering letter templates.

Starting a new business

Enterprise Opportunities provides an overview of the key points with links to local and national advice and information.

Personal Planning Pack - action planning for the future  

Encourage clients to make use of the Personal Planning Pack which enables them to select from our information sheets, collate their questions and responses if they have used the 'ask a question' facility and get some general advice - all within a single personalised pdf file. 


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