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Getting going

Be inspired - things you could do

  • Be prepared to start small - you won't need much capital to set up as a cleaner or window cleaner but they're usually in great demand and you won't need an office.
  • Keep up with the local news and new local business development to help you identify a gap. 
  • Look at Start up Britain for business ideas.  
  • Read appropriate topics from Gov.UK's very comprehensive setting up guide that includes market research, choosing a legal structure, cash flow, IT needs and much more.
  • Consider looking at existing businesses for sale.  It may not be a low-cost method of going it alone but the advantages are that the business will already be trading and there will be a record of how it's performing so you can assess whether you could improve things. Get tips on negotiating when buying a businessand advice from startups  about buying a business.

Does your idea have potential?

Do a Word Document SWOT analysis - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats - to evaluate your idea.

Look at GOV UK's advice     

Mentoring and training

For local mentoring advice go to the new National Web Portal - - which helps people starting and growing a business, or thinking about doing so.

Interested in setting up a Social Enterprise? The West Sussex Social Enterprise Network website has useful information sheets and details of local training events.

Forming your organisation

Use the start-up checklist to make sure you cover the basics from market research to deciding what sort of business structure you want, opening a bank account and dealing with the practicalities of setting up an office.

The high street bank offer guidance if you look around their websites.  

Need to brush up your maths, IT or English?







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