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Find and apply for an apprenticeship

You can register and apply online. The excellent Apprenticeships in Sussex website provides details of all available apprenticeships and how to apply. For some you can apply direct to the provider, but for others you will need to go apply through the National Apprenticeship Service which provides lots of information about the application process.  Here's an overview of how to do your application.

What to write?

Remember you'll be in competition with other people also applying for the same apprenticeship. Read the instructions carefully - you might be asked to complete an online form or to send your CV. Put yourself in the position of the employer and try to imagine what they will be looking for. If you haven't got much work experience, you can include examples of things you've done at school or as hobbies in order to demonstrate your personal skills and attributes. (For example, if you've had a weekend job, were you always punctual? Did you have to engage with the public and therefore develop good communication skills?) Before you send it off, ask someone you trust to read it through, make sure there aren't any spelling or grammar mistakes and check that you have followed all the instructions correctly.

Tips for CVs

  • No more than two sides
  • Produce a basic CV and tweak it for each different application
  • Better to be short and sweet than try to pad it out with things that aren't really relevant
  • Lay it out well with clear headings so the reader can scan through it
  • Include your name, contact details, education and qualificatios (starting with your most recent achievements), any work experience you have, your hobbies and interests and your referees (they could be your teacher or someone you've worked for.

If you get an interview, you will need to prepare for it in the same way you would for any other job. 

  • dress smartly
  • check the time and how you are going to get there well beforehand 
  • arrive on time
  • find out as much as you can about the organisation
  • practice answering interview questions - if you google you'll find lots of examples of standard questions - things like "what are your strengths?", "why are you interested in this apprenticeship?" and  "what motivates you?"
  • think carefully before you answer each question
  • thank them for seeing you

Our section on Working Opportunities has more advice about applying for jobs together with useful examples and templates for CVs and covering letters.  

More info

Apprenticeships in Brighton at City College Brighton & Hove.  


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