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Accessibility Statement

Changing the text size

This website uses font sizes that you can control using your web browser.

You can change the text size in Microsoft Internet Explorer by selecting View > Text size followed by your preferred text size from 'Smallest' to 'Largest'. The default setting is 'Medium'.

You can change the text size in Mozilla Firefox by selecting View > Text size followed by 'Increase' or 'Decrease'. To return the text size to its default setting, select 'Normal'.

Further information is available from the BBCs My Web My Way site.

Navigating a page

Our pages consist of:

  • the header navigation (which starts with the skip navigation icon)
  • the main page header
  • the main navigation
  • the main content
  • the footer navigation (which starts with ©)

At the top of our pages we have provided a small icon [Skip navigation] which can be used to jump down to the start of the main page content. Where a long page has been used we will also provide a link back to the top of the page.

Navigating the website

Our website has range of navigation mechanisms:

  • the main navigation (located visually on the left)
  • the sitemap, which gives an overview of the whole websites structure

Printer friendly pages

Our pages have been designed using a printer style sheet which means that when they are printed the are reformatted to suit the medium of print. Try a "Print Preview" of this page.

Accessibility standards

We seek to meet most of the Priority triple A guidelines of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Our website is tested on a regular basis using a combination of automated tools to identify potential problem areas and expert reviews.

Having problems using our website?

Inevitably, we won't always get it right, but we are committed to addressing any access issues promptly. If you experience any difficulties in accessing our website, or have trouble using any aspect of the website, we'd like you to contact us to let us know.


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