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Use the site map for an overview or go straight to the section you need. Our advice has been produced for people in Sussex but, if you live or work elsewhere, you'll still find a lot of useful information including links to national websites.

Learning opportunities

  • Study choices - where and what to study; choices at 16; returning to learning after a break; fitting study around work and family;Foundation degrees and routes to higher education
  • Information sheets about all aspects of higher education, especially those that affect adult learners
  • Financial help for study - details of grants, bursaries and so on

Working opportunities


Combine working, learning and earning with an apprenticeship.

Enterprise opportunities  

Thinking about starting your own business?  These local and national resources were produced for people living in the Gatwick Diamond area, but even if you live outside that area, they'll still give you some ideas on how to get started. 

Career Planning

Tools for career planning that is the link between opportunities for work and learning.

For advisers and teachers

Supporting learners? Providing information, advice and guidance? Use this to find out about free teaching and learning resources and quick links to policies and papers.

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Personal planning pack

When you've finished browsing, use the personal planning pack to automatically gather together the questions you've typed in, your choice of information sheets and advice about what to do next.  Download it as a personalised pdf to refer to again.

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.   If you want to know more about the background and development of the service, read the Learning at Work Information Service project report.  In November 2009 the Learning Opportunities service won the Institute of Career Guidance national award for supporting adults and we're continuing to build on our experience, so you can be confident about our expertise.



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